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Geneticists & evolution researchers sometimes agree and sometimes disagree, but there is a notion that our generation, especially times post AD 2000, has started to see a rise in the percentage of babies born with low birth weight (interestingly abbreviated as LBW), that is less than 2.5 kgs.

Maybe the environment of the entire world has now been polluted to that extent, or maybe it is an evolutionary trend, or maybe it just doesn’t matter ’cause the doctors are still telling parents that “these low birth weight babies do real well in future” (now don’t ask me what does ‘real well’ mean here – physically, mentally, or fortune-wise) – but what counts the most is the mothers’ anxieties in the initial days till the time these LBW babies’ height/weight plots merge into the mainstream colored ‘acceptable’ zone in the growth tracker charts.

Having tiny bodies with extraordinary need for nourishment & nutrition, it is also another important and very delicate matter to take care of their cleanliness & bodily hygiene at all times. Hence comes the question of proper diapering. Whilst the western countries & baby product companies have already thought about it and have a proper range of products in the supermarket isles, here in India the companies are still operating in a world of delusion that this is not a market segment they should be interested enough to play in. True to an extent since here in India maybe majority of the mothers are still preferring to use cloth nappies and cost of diapers are not really coming down below the level of Rs 6 to Rs 8 per piece, the fact of the matter remains that unless Indian players are really focusing on this size-segment, and, as a matter of fact, towards the overall diaper product space, the economies of scale won’t come about and pricing won’t really drop below Rs 3-4 range on which it would be affordable to the middle class Indians. For small babies, less than 6 months, at an average usage of 8 diapers per day, we are talking about a monthly budget of less than a 1,000 rupees (at price point of Rs 4 per diaper) which could be affordable, (of course, provided that the quality remains acceptable) compared to the current budget requirement of about Rs 2,500 which is prevalent today. And yes, sometimes the babies will decide to clear their bowels just after a fresh one has been put on – believe you me!

As I personally looked through the available products in the offline & online markets in India, one thing that struck me clearly was that for LBW babies majority of whatever was available wasn’t really suitable. Each diaper comes with a weight range specification on it – something like “for babies between 5-8 kgs”. {Though, on a sidenote, one problem is that you cannot keep using that diaper till your baby is really 8 kgs in weight – you have to move up the weight-chain as your baby weighs more than 7 kgs, typically. Higher the upper weight limit, quicker you have to upgrade (like for 14 kgs limit, upgrade at about 11-12 kgs timeframe).} Now for LBW babies, weighing maybe around 2 kgs +/-, typically what you get in the market are diapers having weight range of 3-7 kgs (and more of the upper brackets’ stuff). If you want the baby to wear a diaper – and not a lungi – you got to have something that fits more snugly. After searching all possible places of baby products, mostly online “free delivery” & “cash on delivery” sites like firstcry.com, hoopos.com, babyoye.com, and even within the newly expanded range of baby products at my all time favorite filpkart.com, all I could find acceptable, and settled down to were these three:

Whilst Pampers and Huggies, as brands, are already quite established in India, the 3rd one here, Bella Baby is an European brand which is still trying to get a good foothold. The diapers, in comparison, are all quite good. Huggies & Bella Baby ones are ranged up to 4 kgs, while the Pampers New Baby one is up to 5 kgs. I would personally recommend the usage of a combination of these – either Huggies & Pampers or Bella Baby & Pampers, as the Pampers ones are better suited for night (when the changing frequency & alertness of the parent may dip) and other ones are better suited for day time. Prices are almost equivalent – ranging between Rs 9-11 per piece.

Filpkart, as usual, always delivers on time and from the point you place the order till it reaches you, you can always track your shipment online. Firstcry does a good job as well – but pricing aspect of Flipkar is something I personally preferred – always. And I don’t know why – but interestingly, the Pampers one is not available in most of the sites except for Flipkart (though that may be just a temporary condition). However, you can still get it locally in big towns in one of those Baby product shops – but do check carefully which of the 2 variants you are getting there : the one imported from Middle East (22 pieces in a pack) or the one packaged in India (24 pieces in a pack). The latter one is cheaper.

Hope the tips are helpful for you. In case you are interested to buy any of the above, or other baby products online – the images are linked to the appropriate website – click away!


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Writer’s Block

Even though I am not a formal “writer”, but this phrase that I named this post with was the only phrase I could think of that would express the emotion I wanted to convey perfectly. After a long gap I am trying to write a post in the blog. I don’t have any theme in mind. So I will just let my fingers take this thread wherever they want to go.

Chatpter One: Father of the Pride

I am not sure if I have any “reader” of my blogs either, but assuming that you exist, o dear reader of my words of wisdom, I am wondering if you are curious about why there was such a long gap. Assuming that you are, let me tell you that the reason behind my vacation was my baby daughter – who was born on April the 4th of 2008 A.D. It goes like this: you plan so much what you want to do in your life, or at least what you want to do for the coming few days/weeks/months; and all your plans are thrown off the cliff by a pair of sweet little hands – and you don’t even complain. You can’t get a decent sleep at night anymore – and you blissfully accept it. You have to keep her comforted on your hands and lap for hours at a stretch – but you choose to ignore any physical inconvenience. That’s parenthood. And it’s wonderful. A single look at those sweet big eyes and you get the elation LSD fails to give.

By now a month has passed, and she is more settled, more in terms with the world now. I remember a line from the famous book “One Hundred Years of Solitude” – the writer, describing a child’s view of the world, writes, “the world was so new that many a things lacked names” (the exact phrasing in the book may have been different, but you get the point). Even though my baby is quite far from that stage yet as a child, but if you extrapolate the idea onto her age, it’s like that the life itself is so new that it probably has not even developed an awareness of self or an awareness of the body, its needs, or its feelings. The baby would know to react to the bodily needs – cry when hungry, cry when uncomfortable, cry when irritated etc. But it would not remember, not learn from the experiences – not just yet. The only thing they learn at this stage is how to feed. Unless something is really wrong inside the body, feeding is the answer for every need the baby has – and that is something the baby learns very very quickly. And then slowly and steadily the journey begins for learning the world, learning about life.

Chapter Two: Time Management

The hours and days of my little vacation period after the baby was born flew like anything. The day I had to actually restart going to work felt really odd. I actually couldn’t care less what was happening in the work area. The only thing I was looking forward to was getting back home after 6. I guess the same state of mind would be a newly-married person’s – but I am sure to a different degree. I cannot say for myself, because I do not categorically remember the same (and neither I used to keep a blog back then). But I am quite sure that the feeling of holding a little life in your hands – while the life being so dependent on you that it can only look at you and cry assuming you’d fulfill its needs – is something entirely different. It gives you a sense of purpose, albeit illogical, but nevertheless.

But then the time between 6 pm today and 9 am tomorrow would fly fast as well. Yes, we could still eat, clean up, watch some TV shows with the baby in lap, and check emails or scraps, but anything outside the normal and need-based routines was impossible even to think of. And it still is. But things are getting back to a more maneuverable zone now. So finding time to write a blog post was finally possible.

And finally I am at the last paragraph of my post. Again, this post serves no purpose, conveys no great message, except perhaps you could guess how excited I am being a father. Probably after a few years if I look at this post, I would laugh at this childish expression of my emotions – ’cause by then I would be more worried about what she gets back from school in her report cards, but nevertheless let me publish this post as right now this post stands as a snapshot – a picture – of my mind, of my feelings.

Au revoir, my good reader. I shall speak to you soon, when I find some more time to be more social. Till then, go and watch some good movies, eat healthy, do some exercise, and love life. Cheers!

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