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It was late for us indeed yesterday night, and even after promising to keep the book down by 1 AM, I had not been able to – such was the storytelling skills of the late master Robert Jordan! But then the tremor came all the way from Lincolnshire – and the whole building shook. We jumped up on the bed and looked foolishly at each other thinking what the hell! Peering out from the window showed no activity – no commotion (well, it was late so that wasn’t unusual – and the tremor lasted only for 3-4 seconds after all). We looked for any toppled items in the showcase where my wife keeps all her collections of thimbles and stuff from places we visited – and there wasn’t any. Was it indeed what we thought it was – was it an earthquake or our imagination? – we thought for awhile and then went back to bed. And slept off (well, only after I finished the chapter I was on).

News today showed the biggest earthquake in UK’s history in the last 25 years (well, not that big on a global scale – but big for the island). Just about 130 miles east from where we live.

P.S. I know this is not a subject to make fun about – but check this out: natural-business-opportunities – painfully real!


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KaalchakraA fantastic article…


Please read it if you are interested in ancient history, myths, philosophical cosmology and the mysterious.

(N.B.: Image courtesy – the link provided above.)

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Finally I could get a couple of minutes to write a quick post – after the series of high-profile events at the workplace, 10 days of anxious disaster recovery work, ending with a tediously busy weekend, numb fingers and backache, finally a Monday when things calmed down and I didn’t have to shout over the phone across continents to get things done in a way I like and in a speed I can live with! Funny, when I look back at the course of the events, especially from the last couple of days, and criticise myself for the times I allowed my blood pressure to rise and face to go hot – but when you’re neck-deep in a closed chamber with mud pouring still, you do allow yourself those little physiological reliefs. I remember an elderly colleague once telling me, after a meeting which had more than its due share of shouting and screaming, that there had been a point in the meeting when she was literally afraid for her life – but that hadn’t changed the fact that she had to scream to get her point made across the table. Such is corporate life. And those of us should indeed consider themselves lucky who didn’t have to go through those periods of adrenaline rush – fearing for one’s personal health and not being able to let go because one had to save the business – inspite of being a part of the corporate world. The fact that I belong to an IT field of the business does not make the situation easier to handle compared to the situation of a stock market guy. It’s the same – just that the problems manifest themselves differently and with different impact.

Anyway, enough said. The Monday went nicely, and I should give myself a treat after the success of the endeavours put together in the last few days – me thinks! Cheers fellas – see you laterz! 😉

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